Hinni Talu House Rules

These rules regulate use of houses, garden and other property in Hinni puhketalu. The visitor is responsible for using the property with care. Any damage caused by misuse, destruction or elimination of the property should be compensated.
1. Check­in is at 19.00 and check­out is at 16.00­18.00. Please notify the approximate time of arrival and departure, if it is different and out of time of registration.
2. The number of guests staying in the houses must not exceed the agreed.
3. It is obligatory to fill in visitor’s card.
4. Car parking is allowed in the yard.
5. Without special agreement trailers, caravans and tents are prohibited.
6. While using sauna, follow the rules of sauna.
7. Making fire and barbecue grills is allowed only in designated areas.
8. While making fire either inside or outside the houses (sauna, fireplace, stove, oven, grill), please always guard the fire.
9. Please keep in mind, that you are responsible of fire safety. Immediately take the necessary steps for the elimination of the source and consequences of the fire. Discovering fire call emergency service (112), police (110).
10. The territory has two ponds. The ponds are without barriers and visitor is responsible to use them safely. Because of the low water level, it is prohibited to jump into the water. Never swim under the influence of alcohol.
11. Indoor smoking is strictly forbidden. Don’t throw cigarette into grass, use stone­garbadge bin for it.
12. Pets are allowed subject to special agreement, provided that the visitor is responsible for cleaning after pet and any damage caused by the pet is compensated. Pets are not allowed on second floor of the houses.
13. Please keep the cleanness and order both indoors and outdoors.
14. According to the number of beds, each visitor is provided with bedding, small and large towel.
15. When leaving the territory visitor must close the windows and doors. At nights its also necessary to lock the doors and close the first floor windows.
16. Please do not wear outdoor footwear in the houses.
17. For garbage, please use trash bins.
18. Housekeeping utilities are kept in the kitchens and could be used, if necessary.
19. Please do not eat or drink on the second floor of the houses.
20. In case the event is getting out of control, there is an act of vandalism etc the host has the right to immediately stop the event and refuse the use of the premises, without any fee returned.
21. Visitor returns the rooms in their prior condition. Before leaving, the visitor allows the host to check the condition of the premises.
22. Before the departure, the visitor washes used cookware and other kitchen equipment and empties the fridge.

Enjoy your holiday in Hinni puhketalu!